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Symfony assets management: assets:install

In your Symfony application there are bound to exist many assets (JS, CSS, and so on) either created by you or provided by third-party bundles.

As part of your deploy procedure, you usually have to use some Symfony console command to actually make the assets available to the frontend of your application.

Let’s start with the most basic solution: the assets:install command.

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Install Symfony app in a subfolder of an existing site

The request was simple: one of my customer wanted to have a Symfony app available as a subfolder of an existing site, i.e.


Googling for it, I found lots of tutorials but each one of them failed to meet two specific requirements:

  • I don’t want to edit the virtual host configuration
  • the application folders (“app”, “bin”, “src”, “vendor”) must be outside the site root

So here’s my solution, which only assumes that you have file access (i.e. FTP) at one level above your site root.

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